A weekend in Koh Samui;

There was a long weekend in the first week of May,
so we took a short trip to Koh Samui, Thailand!

The weather was blisteringly hot, the kind where you immediately start
sweating as soon as you leave your hotel room.
We had to bring a change of clothes on the day outings, as well as 
factor 50+ sunscreen and mosquito repellent. 
It was a good idea to a thermal water spray from Vichy
and a refreshing aloe water mist from Innisfree.
Make sure you pack a large sun hat and your best sunglasses 😎

The food is of course amazing in Thailand, full of invigorating flavours and fragrant spices. 
The night markets were a feast for the eyes with stalls full of
snacks, souvenirs, trinkets, and clothes, as well as music and dance performances.

We were treated with a clear sunset on the first evening, the view of the sky
reflecting onto the still ocean with mountain silhouettes framing the horizon line.

There were so many stray dogs and cats around the temples and beaches

Despite using repellent, I still got bitten by damn mosquitos

A cute little lantern-style box for calling a buggy at the foot of one of the hotels we visited (to check out their beach view!)

It is quite a small island and it's possible to cover most of it in the 3 and a half days we had there.
There's beach and mountain views for either preference,
and friendly, hospitable people everywhere you go.

This is my first time in Thailand and although I have yet to see Bangkok,
Koh Samui introduces you to the culture in the most fitting way.
It's a beautiful island with lots of activities and great food.
What really cemented the reality of being in Thailand was
the shrines with offerings, or spirit houses, dotted about at every corner
of a business or home.

My highlight would be waking up at around 6am to go directly from the hotel room to the beach and taking a quick dip out in the calm sea with the clouds obscuring the sun, then meeting the pack of dogs who were running along the sand playing in the rolling waves.

Hope you enjoyed this mini photo diary ♡


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